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Professional landscaping takes an ordinary outdoor space and transforms it into a highly functional and beautiful living area.

Combining all the elements of a comprehensive landscaping plan requires an expert eye.  The selection and proper placement of plants, trees, bushes, lighting and other outdoor elements such as a patio, paving, fencing and furniture can be easily pulled together when working in experts in the field.

PG Landscaping & Paving can turn any outdoor area into a custom-designed, beautifully landscaped space.  Choosing the right trees and plants that will thrive in the soil and sunlight conditions are the key to creating outdoor beauty for each season of each year.

Professional landscaping recommendations, installation and maintenance will add even more value and appeal to your home.  Turn your house into a home, starting outdoors, with professional landscaping services. At PG Landscaping and Paving, we have a staff of landscaping experts to help you put together a work of personally designed art right outside your door.

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Lawn Services

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn is one of the basic foundations of good landscaping.  It can be difficult to know how to keep a lush green lawn.  Excessive rain or not enough water, the proper aeration or application of weed control or fertilizer.

Types of products to use around pets.  You get the idea.  What type of lawn will flourish with your soil?  It takes a professional who can balance all of these things and more to get things on the right track.


Planting or removing trees is another very important part of a good landscaping plan.  If your yard is getting too much or not enough shade, it makes a difference in the other types of plants you should work into the big landscaping plan and design.

Trees not only add value to the landscaping plan, but because there are so many varieties to choose from, it’s important to know which tree to choose for both soil conditions and allocated space for tree growth.

Plants / Bushes

Plants and/or bushes are another important consideration to finishing off your landscaping.  It’s not enough to like the look of certain plants or bushes, but understanding how big they will get, how much time should be devoted to maintenance and soil, watering and sunlight considerations.

Some plants to better in sunny conditions vs. shady ones.  Some plants are used for ground cover while some or perfect for accentuating flowers or bringing out the colors in other flowering plants.

Other outdoor landscaping elements can include water features, a patio, steps/levels or a beautifully paved path or seating.  Birdbaths, squirrel feeders, raised flower beds or large potted plants can add other interesting elements and pops of color to complete the landscape plan.

A professional landscaping company such as PG Landscaping & Paving can help you with key placement of trees, plants, gardens and paving elements to complete a well thought out landscape plan to keep maintenance to a minimum and a great use of space at optimal levels.

Gardens are a naturally lovely way to bring life to your landscaping plan.  Whether it is a vegetable, herb or flower garden all depends on your own taste and gardening interests and goals.  What makes gardens even more appealing is the addition of plant beds or professional touches like mulch or stone for a very polished and finished look.  Mulching or covering exposed garden areas also help with controlling weeds, providing a better environment for your vegetables, herbs or flowers to grow healthy and strong.  A professional landscaping company can also help with controlling unwelcome insects and animals for stealing or destroying the fruits of your labor.

Adding extra space and taking the indoors outside is a very appealing bonus for any homeowner.  When space inside may be limited or crowded, opening up the doors and moving a social gathering outside is literally a breath of fresh air.  Adding a beautifully paved patio space gives you the room to enjoy a barbecue or just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful garden and other landscaping features.  Add in your own design touches of outdoor seating, pillows and tables, and you’ve just added more space and a ton of value to your home.

Lighting is an often-overlooked landscaping element that can really add elegance or drama to the overall plan.  Based on your design and purpose for the space, solar lighting, lanterns, strategically placed accent lights can change the entire night time effect of your outdoor haven.  Choosing to highlight a patio, walkway, trees or the home itself can take a dark, cold yard and create a warm, inviting place to visit or call home.  Lighting can keep your outdoor patio well lit for added security while allowing you to enjoy the space well into the evening.

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It’s never a bad investment to create space for social gatherings with family and friends.  Even a smaller patio space is a welcome addition to any yard.  Not only to add interest and beauty, but to give guests a solid place for seating to admire the other landscaping features.


Water drainage and run-off should be taken into consider because a lovely landscaped yard won’t work with flooding or very wet and/or muddy conditions caused by excessive water and improper drainage.

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