While gardens are truly a natural way to add warmth and beauty to any outdoor landscape, garden maintenance is required to keep your garden looking its best. For professional results and zero time spent on maintenance, call PG Landscaping & Paving to do the hard work for you. A professional landscaper can give you a lush, healthy lawn, in addition to perfectly pruned trees and beautiful, colorful flowers or mouth-watering vegetables. By adding special design elements to take your garden and outdoor space to the next level, without all the expense and guesswork, the expert services of a professional landscaping company is a must. Get your garden off to a healthy start and leave the weeding, trimming and maintenance to the pros. It’s time to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Anything from a fresh vegetable garden, flower garden, serenity or even a rock garden can turn your outdoor living space into a beautiful place for peace and relaxation or re-connecting with family and friends.

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Choosing the type of garden you love impacts both the size and location of garden. Other factors such as soil conditions and direct sunlight also factor in to the garden location.
For example, certain types of vegetables tend to sprawl out and need more space when they are ready for harvest. Specialty flowers can also require more space depending upon the size of the flower and the plants. Ornamental grasses or even wildflowers can also take up a good deal of space. It’s very important to determine the variety of garden and selection of plants to get an understanding of how much space you will need.
Depending on the type and size of your garden, your landscaper can factor in where it should be located to enjoy the most benefits. A professional landscaper takes everything into consideration from the end result, soil conditions and proper placement for the best possible results.


Another factor in a successful garden is of course, choosing plants that do well in the environment and in the placement of the yard for morning/afternoon, direct or indirect sunlight. There are many varieties of beautiful plants that thrive under either direct or indirect sunlight.  Let our team of professionals at PG Landscaping & Paving help you choose the plants that will not only grow and bloom with amazing results, but that the garden enhances and complements the entire yard.

It’s ideal to get a nice mix of small, large, ground cover, taller and shorter varieties of plants that all work well together.  A blend of size, shape, color and aroma that works as a final crowning touch to a well-designed landscaping project.  The garden makes a wonderful addition to the texture, style and color of other landscaping elements like a patio or as a border to a driveway, walkway, patio with stairs or retaining walls.


Rich, fertile soil filled with vital nutrients is important to feed the roots, stems and leaves of your plants. The best soil promotes good drainage, yet can still retain enough water so the plants stay fed and hydrated. A professional landscaping company uses special potting soil which provides just the right blend of nutrients without the possibility of contaminants (such as regular dirt from the ground) can contain. A professional landscaper can also recommend adding the proper amount of healthy soil, so your garden can take root and be off to a strong healthy start.

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One of the necessities of maintaining a beautiful, healthy, well-groomed garden of any type is the elimination and control of weeds.  It can take a lot of work to maintain a garden, which is why calling in a professional who can offer attractive solutions to not only keep the garden looking pristine, but reducing maintenance time so you can spend more time enjoying and less time working outside.

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We have highly qualified and experienced team is available here to serve your garden/lawn at its best.

Design and Build

Design Build is one of the many strengths of PG Landscape and Paving and we are viewed as a leader in this field.


Our Company is dedicated to achieving best possible results and aesthetic look of your garden/lawn. Our work is reviewed by our qualified team of lawn makers and paving masters.



The many elements you can use in your yard to really make the outdoor space more inviting is a good mix of many different things to freshen up the entire look of the yard.  By mixing and matching textures and different design elements, you can enhance nature’s own beauty. While just about everyone admires formal gardens, there are many different types of less formal, mini gardens that can be worked into the landscaping plan.

From raised planter beds to large pots with an assortment of colorful blooms with cascading greenery to window boxes, climbing vines with tiny flowers or berries, a butterfly or humming bird garden, there are many ways to bring gardening to full bloom in your yard.


Fairy Tucker

Great rates, very reliable, 100% recommendation from me thanks John and Co.

Kelly John

Very good and high quality work done. I highly recomend these men

Denise Keogh

Great job done in ballyfermot today thanks a million ��

Vicky Thornton

John and his team were brilliant they done a great job on my Mams back garden, they got stuck in from start to finish and done an amazing job. Highly recommend. Thanks lads we are delighted with our extended patio. ☺

Lorna Hickey

Had our backgarden transformed with PG landscaping. Delighted with the result. Great hard working, professional lads. I would highly recommend.

Susan Prior

got my back and front garden done last week. called the day before and they came the next day. They even worked around my budget and offered suggestions that i liked. finished in 1 day too and very professional. Delighted with it and would reccomend them to a friend..

Elaine Archbold

Just want too say i had my back garden done by these lads and im over the moon with the results very professional and tidy from start too finish they were great so happy with how well my garden turned out it was a complete tranformation highly recommend them �

Lisa Hammond

very professional service transformed my garden in a days work and took away all the decking, would highly recommend john and his lads for anyone looking to have a patio done


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