If you’re looking to make your lawn free of pesticides, fungicides, patchy colours, and muddy puddles, then artificial grass is the best option for you. You must have seen fake grass on hockey and football pitches but they aren’t exclusive to sports. If you want synthetic grass for your courtyards, balconies, or any outdoor area, there are many options available on the internet now. It benefits you by giving you a real-garden experience without having to worry about its maintenance and dangerous contaminants.

Artificial grass is very easy to lay, to look after, and it stays fresh throughout the year. There are various options available when it comes to selecting a look for your grass, which includes a variety of different colours including green, brown, sandy, etc. If you want a spectacular garden for your home in Dublin, then perhaps you are wondering what is the cost of artificial grass in Dublin or other parts of Ireland? In this blog, you will find all the information about artificial grass and its cost, specifically in Dublin.


Artificial Grass: A Hassle-Free Option for Small Areas and Balconies

Artificial grass is the best option to make your gardens look greener and achieve a more modernistic look. It requires very little maintenance and stays green throughout the year. If your garden is well-crafted and you take good care of it, then it can even last up to twenty years. If you want your lawn to look more realistic, you can opt for mixed colours for your artificial grass which will give it a natural look.

There are also different lengths available that range from 8mm to 36 mm. If you are installing artificial grass on a property that was already grassy, then it is important to level your surface. This may even require you to reconstruct some of the already existing grassy areas to create an even surface.

It is important to remember that an organization’s (sports club, association, local or State Government) decision to have a natural grass or synthetic turf comes down to their specific objectives for environmental, social, health, and financial outcomes. In addition to the Decision-Making Guide, the following is a detailed report on natural grass vs synthetic turf for bowls, tennis, hockey, soccer/rugby, ovals (football/cricket), or any relevant multi-purpose facilities, that the department and other key stakeholders can use to assist with decision making, policy, and planning.


Things to Consider While Buying Artificial Grass

Before we hop on to answering questions such as what is the cost of artificial grass in Dublin, you must know everything about artificial grass. While buying artificial grass, you need to check whether it comes with UV protection to prevent discolouration or bleaching and whether it comes with robust latex under its sides as it helps drain off any collected water, protects it against wear and tear, and keeps it in the right shape. If you have kids and pets, robustness is a must-have factor for your artificial grass.


How Much Should I Expect To Invest In Sanctuary’s Artificial Grass For My Garden, Creche, Montessori, School, Or Exhibition Space?

Sanctuary Synthetic is a great place to buy artificial grass in Dublin. To answer your question, what is the cost of artificial grass in Dublin; Sanctuary’s prices of artificial grass start from £13.95 per square meter. Their charges are inclusive of VAT and are calculated as supply only. If you opt for a supply plus ‘the-full-Monty’ installation plan, then it will include replacing your existing lawn.


How to Calculate the Area for Artificial Grass?

The first step involves identifying the area (square) you want to get the grass installed on; you will need to measure its length and width. Don’t forget to leave an additional 5% to 10% for shaping and cutting.


Feet (sq.) To Metre (Sq.) Converter

Sanctuary also has an online foot (sq.) to meter (sq.) converter on their website. Their prices are set according to per metre sq. but you can use their online converter to help you with measurements so you get the best possible service and product. You can use the results from the conversion to get an instant quote from their artificial grass cost calculator.


Artificial Grass Cost

If you are still wondering what is the cost of artificial grass in Dublin then here is what you need to know; we always advise our customers to opt against the cheapest options for artificial grass. Though choosing high-quality artificial grass may be more expensive for you at first, but it lasts much longer and requires minimal maintenance, thus reducing the cost over time. Therefore, when buying artificial grass you should never compromise on quality to save some money.


Artificial Grass Installation Cost

When it comes to the installation of artificial grass, there are several costs that you need to consider including the area, professional help, etc. But if you are still not sure what is the cost of artificial grass in Dublin then consider this; if your lawn is about 40m2 then you can expect to pay one day’s labour to finish the project, which will almost cost the same as the grass. The labour, in this case, would be around £600. Moreover, while you can install the grass yourself, the best results are usually obtained through professional help and experts.

We have a network of accredited installers nationwide who can provide a professional artificial grass installation service, ensuring minimal disruption and delivering a perfect lawn. You can also install the artificial grass yourself. We offer a ‘supply only’ option and we are happy to offer advice on your installation.


  1. How much does it cost to have artificial grass installed?

For an area which is approximately 40m2, you can expect to pay around £600. However, the cost of the installation of artificial grass depends on each project.


  1. How much is artificial grass supply and fitting?

The total cost of artificial grass supply and its installation can cost you anywhere between £1,500 to £1,800. This also depends and varies according to the area available and its current state (concrete or natural grass). This can normally equate to around £45 to £60 per m2.