Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an up-and-coming trend for good reason.  Some of these reasons are because it’s virtually maintenance free, always lush and green, environmentally-friendly to eliminate emissions from equipment, noise pollution, saves tons of water and is kid/pet friendly.  Artificial grass manufacturers pride themselves on its ability to look like real grass.  Choose from a variety of colors and blade lengths to create a perfectly manicured lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.  Long-term savings come from the elimination of lawn maintenance equipment, fertilizers, pesticides and lower water bills.  Artificial grass is growing in popularity not only for its sustainable beauty, but the precious time savings which can be spent on more important things, like hobbies, family and friends.  Consider the many benefits of today’s artificial grass options.

There are several instances where the use of artificial grass may be a better option than an established lawn.  An obvious benefit is that it requires no maintenance.  While a real lawn is certainly beautiful, it requires a fair amount of work to maintain.  While there is no need to mow the artificial grass, there is also no need to fertilize, aerate, trim or use harmful pesticides for maintenance.  Artificial grass has certainly come a long way since its inception (think hard plastic Astro Turf).  It has become increasingly difficult to be able to tell the grass is not real unless a very up-close inspection takes place.  There are different colors, styles, blade lengths and well, all put together, makes it difficult to tell the difference. Another benefit is the reduction in noise pollution, as there is no need to use electric or gas-powered blowers, trimmers, edgers or any of the typical lawn manicuring equipment you have become used to using. Artificial grass is also extremely durable and depending on the variety, can last for about 15 years.

It is seen as an environmentally-friendly option because there is no use for pesticides or chemicals, no need for using gas or electric equipment and no need to water this lawn, thereby saving many gallons of water.  If you live in an area where water conservation is a necessity, it’s no longer a concern for you. Some artificial grass manufacturers take the green effect a step further by upcycling and producing the grass from plastic bottles or a similar material. It’s always safe for kids and pets to play on as there are no applications of fertilizers or chemicals to worry about.  You can always tell the yard of a dog owner because the acid in their urine often turns the grass very brown or kills it completely.  If your dog takes care of business in one favorite spot, you’ll notice the grass in that spot typically turn brown, wither up and die.  This leaves you with a very noticeable patch of dead grass in the yard.  If your dog visits several spots in the yard, you will probably experience several patches like this around the yard.  It can be very difficult to get the grass to grow back properly when man’s best friend is around.

Landscaped Garden with Wooden Dining Table Set in the Shade of Trees

Artificial grass handles pet messes with no problem due to its good drainage ability.  The only maintenance might be a good rinse with a hose, the application of a mild soap if needed, but cleanup is fast and easy. It also helps eliminate bad behavior problems like digging holes in the yard. Since there are no holes, divots or bare areas for mud puddles, little paws and feet do not track the mud on the walks, patio or through the house, which may have been a problem with real grass. Rodents don’t burrow, and rabbits won’t make bunny nests in the yard, which can create problems with a regular lawn and eliminates the potential for an unpleasant confrontation with your pet.

Professional Landscaper Installing Natural Grass Turfs in the Garden.

While there might be some weeds that pop up, it’s usually very minimal and you will not be spending time weeding or applying chemicals to eliminate weeds. It holds up well to changing weather patterns, including retaining its color even when exposed to direct sunlight, in addition to moderate to heavy foot traffic. It really complements a paved patio, driveway, walking path or any other decorative paving elements used in your overall yard landscaping plan.


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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an up-and-coming trend for good reason. Some of these reasons are because it’s virtually maintenance free….

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Decision Made

The installation of artificial grass requires the removal of the existing lawn, unless of course the lawn has not yet been established.
Once the existing grass has been removed, it’s a matter of a professional landscaping company preparing the ground for installation. Another option is to install an irrigation system for better control of the temperature of the artificial grass, which can tend to get hot.
The professionals at PG Landscaping and Paving can have your new artificial grass installed within a few days. The end result will be a perfectly aligned, seamless new lawn.
No matter whether you need artificial grass to cover a small or large space, let our professionals install your new artificial grass so you can begin enjoying the benefits of time and money savings while enjoying that perfectly manicured professional artificial lawn.

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